Owning $ART tokens makes you an owner of the LiveArtX platform. But depending on how many tokens you own, you get access to exclusive privileges. Higher membership levels receive all previous perks.

Level 1 - Governance

Level one membership makes you both an owner and operator of LiveArtX. You decide the future of art.
As a Web3 platform, we’re empowering users as much as possible. As a member of the DAO, you’ll be able to vote on changes to our NFT marketplace, creator hub, or any of our other products.
We go as far as to allow the community to make changes to our roadmap.

Level 2 - Access to Data

LiveArtX is the Web3 sister company of LiveArt. Our fine art marketplace. We built an AI-powered analytics platform based on all our data from sales, views and more.
And we’re bringing it to LiveArtX.
As a level 2 member, you'll be able to see where the NFT market is going as it’s happening. This isn’t secondhand information from tweets or discord announcements. Our data comes directly from the Blockchain.

Level 3 - Exclusive NFT Drops

Our team works with the greatest artists in the world. We know when the best Art is going to drop. And we want to give level 3 members access when they happen.
As the best artists of our time flock to NFTs, you’ll be the first who can ape in.

Level 4 - Physical Fine Art

NFTs are amazing. Well let’s face it, they’ve got one serious problem. You can’t physically touch them. And most of the world barely understands why they’re valuable.
But everyone understands why true fine art is so valuable.
Level 4 members get exclusive access to the best physical fine art on the market. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one piece in your collection that your family can understand?

Level 5 - New NFTs

Minting new NFTs is a full-time job. There are countless new projects launching every day. And getting on the whitelist can be exhausting.
As a level 5 member, you won’t have to.
You’ll get exclusive access to the hottest NFT drops before they hit the market.

Level 6 - Elite Events

Get invited to the best Fine Art Web3 events in the world.
Some online, others IRL.
All of them, events you don’t want to miss.