NFT Membership Free Mint

How It Works

We’re allowing free mints for mystery boxes to early LiveArtX users. Inside the mystery box will be a random NFT membership.
There are six levels of membership and you will receive a random level. See the following chart for the likelihood of receiving each level.
Each NFT membership will have $ART tokens inside. And you’ll be able to claim them. Learn more on the decomposition page.

How To Join

We’ve been adding wallet addresses of our early Twitter followers, discord members, and telegram members. But there’s another way to become eligible.
If you’d like to enter to win a mystery box, you can do the tasks on the Gleam Link.
The Gleam link will only be active between 3/15 to 3/19.

Who Is Eligible?

We whitelisted thousands of wallet addresses to claim tokens. There’s a good chance you’re eligible and didn’t even know it.
If you’ve done any of the following, you may be eligible to claim a membership token.
We have 6 levels of membership. And it’s random which level you get.
Check if you’re eligible to claim a token.

Secondary Market

If you missed the deadline to enter the gleam link, you can purchase a Membership NFT on the secondary market. However, be wary of frauds.

How to Claim

Claiming will begin 3/22.
In order to claim your mystery box, head over to the claim page.
If you're eligible to claim an NFT membership, you'll see the following claim screen. Click the claim button.
Once you've clicked the claim button, you'll be prompted with a wallet transaction. Go ahead and confirm the transaction.
It may take a moment for the transaction to process. Once that's finished, you should see your NFT membership.
It will be assigned at random. In this example, I received a level 2 membership.
You'll be able to view your membership as well. There will be an unlock period. Once the unlock period is over, you'll have the option to decompose your membership.